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Maciej Max Dominik

A fashion photographer based out of Poland, who loves to click, cook & travel.

He has been involved in photography for 10 years. Every order and every customer is important to me and I approach each one individually. Write to me and see that cooperation can be easy and enjoyable. I invite you.

  • House-Style  (DE)
  • Glamory  (DE)
  • Amelia – UGT  (UK)
  • The Warehouse  (UK)
  • TB Dress  (China)
  • TB Dress  (EU)
  • Windenord  (NO)
  • Pietro Brunelli  (IT)
  • PeeKaBoo  (PL)
  • Karen  (PL)
  • Otment  (PL)
  • Kartes Moda   (PL)
  • Ebata  (PL)
  • Ropafit  (UK)
  • Blinkini  (UK)
  • Awama  (PL)
  • Naoko  (PL)
  • and more, more
  • House-Style  (DE)
  • Glamory  (DE)
  • TB Dress  (China)
  • TB Dress  (EU)
  • Pietro Brunelli  (IT)
  • and more
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